​​Think you have the skills to go all the way ?

​See us on Facebook or check this page for our upcoming Tournament Schedule 

January 20th 2018  7 pm to Midnight

$30 a ticket which includes 3 Beer tickets and 2 Slices of Pizza 
​Multiple Game Tournament Point system. Mortal Kombat XL, Battlefront 2
​FIFA 18 and Gran Turismo Sport  on PS4.
​Prizes for 1st , 2nd and 3rd place ( Prize amount Based on number of players).

​Ticket sales limited to 30 players. Ticket sale ends Jan 18th 
​Must be Legal Drinking age to attend ( Admission without Beer Tickets $25 includes 3 cans of pop )
​This is a private event entry by ticket only.


​​$6 entry walk in and register when at least 6 players have entered the tournament begins.
​$3 from each entry goes to the prize pool which goes to the winner!
​New Challenges every  Week!

​​ Retro Wednesday

​​Registration up to 6:15 pm
​Tournament starts at 6: 30pm

​​Different Classic Games every week

Rush Hour Thursday

​​Registration up to 6:15 pm
​Tournament starts at 6: 30pm

​Test your skill on the track .

Fight Night Friday

​​Registration up to 6:15 pm
​Tournament starts at 6: 30pm

​Defeat your opponent and become Champion!

​Saturday is Hockey Night in Hamilton

​​Registration up to 6:15 pm
​Tournament starts at 6: 30pm

​Are you an All Star?
​Show us what you got.

​Shoot em up Sunday

 Registration up to 1:15  pm
​Tournament starts at  1:30 pm

​Must be Handy with a weapon

​​Private Event or a Birthday Party

​Book our facility for your own private Tourney or just a fun time with some friends. 
We offer Licensed Private Events for Adults such as 
​Stag and Doe 
​Birthday's etc.

Are you looking for a TEAM BUILDING function for
​your company ?

​Have a Gamer with a Birthday coming up ?

​We offer a Basic Party Package starting at $15.00 a player
​For 3 hours (10 player min. up to 15 max.)
​Bring your own food or Have Pizza and a drink for $5.00 per

​Give us a call we'll be happy to help you get things

​Please book at least a week in advance so we can
​reserve the time you request.